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  1. OCP-HM-MegaRAC_Community_Edition OCP-HM-MegaRAC_Community_Edition Public

    AMIs Community Edition for OpenBMC

    Python 93 29

  2. OCP-OSF-Tektagon_Community_Edition OCP-OSF-Tektagon_Community_Edition Public

    Hardware Root of Trust

    C 16 7

  3. OpenSystemFirmware OpenSystemFirmware Public

    Open Systems Firmware (OSF)

    Shell 67 21

  4. Security Security Public

    Security Project

    82 26

  5. HWMgmt-DeviceMgr-DeviceManager HWMgmt-DeviceMgr-DeviceManager Public

    Device Manager collects device data and notifications from each device, and make the data available on a predetermined output bus for consumers.

    Go 23 12

  6. Time-Appliance-Project Time-Appliance-Project Public

    Develop an end-to-end hypothetical reference model, network architectures, performance objectives and the methods to distribute, operate, monitor time synchronization within data center and much mo…

    C 1.3k 99


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