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Defines a lossless compressed data format that is independent of CPU type, operating system, file system, and character set, and is suitable for compression using the XP10 algorithm.
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Project Zipline


Project Zipline is a program to accelerate innovation in lossless compression. With this release Microsoft is making two contributions to the OCP open source community:

  • A new compression format called XP10 which is tailored for modern cloud datasets.
  • An RTL implementation which accelerates Huffman Encoding for XP10, Zlib and Gzip.

Future releases will include additional RTL, an RTL test harness and an XP10 SW library.

Project Zipline is open-sourced under the MIT License, see the LICENSE file.


The following Project Zipline specifications have been included under the “specs” directory in this repo.

  • Project_XP10_Compression_Specification
  • Project_Zipline_Huffman_Encoder_Micro_Architecture_Specification

Build instructions

Instructions for building the RTL design of the Project Zipline Huffman Encoder.

Edit the file ./build.setup for VCS environment settings

Then source the file as follows:

source build.setup

Go to the huff run directory:

cd dv/huff/run

Compile the RTL into a simv executable:

make compile_rtl


  1. RTL developed and simulated using Synopsys® VCS-MX 2017.03-SP1 toolchain.
  2. No testbench is included for this release.
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