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img Update gNMI specification documents. Nov 10, 2016 Remove the PDF specification link. (#101) Jun 12, 2018 Add gNMI extensions specification to reference. (#92) Feb 1, 2018 Minor fixes to path spec. Jun 30, 2017 Add document covering how to represent gNMI paths as strings. (#107) Dec 13, 2018 Add a document explaining mixed-schema in gNMI. (#100) Jun 12, 2018 Add a document covering protobuf value encoding. (#99) Jun 12, 2018

gNMI - gRPC Network Management Interface

This repository contains the specification of the gRPC Network Management Interface (gNMI). This service defines an interface for a network management system to interact with a network element.

The protobuf specification is stored in openconfig/gnmi.

The repository contents are as follows:

Note: This is not an official Google product.

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