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Added test for container specific CRIU configuration files

Signed-off-by: Adrian Reber <>
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adrianreber committed Dec 12, 2018
1 parent e157963 commit 6f3e13cc48ead674ed94b1ac89e4607db6bc0f6e
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@@ -292,3 +292,53 @@ function teardown() {
ip netns del $ns_name

@test "checkpoint and restore with container specific CRIU config" {
# XXX: currently criu require root containers.
requires criu root

tmp=`mktemp /tmp/runc-criu-XXXXXX.conf`
# This is the file we write to /etc/criu/default.conf
tmplog1=`mktemp /tmp/runc-criu-log-XXXXXX.log`
unlink $tmplog1
tmplog1=`basename $tmplog1`
# That is the actual configuration file to be used
tmplog2=`mktemp /tmp/runc-criu-log-XXXXXX.log`
unlink $tmplog2
tmplog2=`basename $tmplog2`
# This adds the annotation 'org.criu.config' to set a container
# specific CRIU config file.
sed -i "s;\"process\";\"annotations\":{\"org.criu.config\": \"$tmp\"},\"process\";" config.json
# Tell CRIU to use another configuration file
mkdir -p /etc/criu
echo "log-file=$tmplog1" > /etc/criu/default.conf
# Make sure the RPC defined configuration file overwrites the previous
echo "log-file=$tmplog2" > $tmp

runc run -d --console-socket $CONSOLE_SOCKET test_busybox
[ "$status" -eq 0 ]

testcontainer test_busybox running

# checkpoint the running container
runc --criu "$CRIU" checkpoint --work-path ./work-dir test_busybox
[ "$status" -eq 0 ]
! test -f ./work-dir/$tmplog1
test -f ./work-dir/$tmplog2

# after checkpoint busybox is no longer running
runc state test_busybox
[ "$status" -ne 0 ]

test -f ./work-dir/$tmplog2 && unlink ./work-dir/$tmplog2
# restore from checkpoint
runc --criu "$CRIU" restore -d --work-path ./work-dir --console-socket $CONSOLE_SOCKET test_busybox
[ "$status" -eq 0 ]
! test -f ./work-dir/$tmplog1
test -f ./work-dir/$tmplog2

# busybox should be back up and running
testcontainer test_busybox running
unlink $tmp
test -f ./work-dir/$tmplog2 && unlink ./work-dir/$tmplog2

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