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Remove @avagin as a maintainer

Unfortunately I don't have enough time to be a maintainer of runc.
I am not going to disappear from the community and as before
I always ready to help with anything.

Signed-off-by: Andrei Vagin <>
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avagin committed Aug 2, 2017
1 parent e775f0f commit b9cff3c188de4ecf1e43e0703e15ff4458105e03
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@@ -3,6 +3,5 @@ Rohit Jnagal <> (@rjnagal)
Victor Marmol <> (@vmarmol)
Mrunal Patel <> (@mrunalp)
Daniel, Dao Quang Minh <> (@dqminh)
Andrey Vagin <> (@avagin)
Qiang Huang <> (@hqhq)
Aleksa Sarai <> (@cyphar)

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