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Kenta Tada (1): modify the explanation of make flags

LGTMs: @hqhq @cyphar
Closes #2184
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cyphar committed Feb 3, 2020
2 parents ff107ee + e038590 commit e6555cc01a92b599bef90dbe8cb3b7bb74391da9
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@@ -99,10 +99,10 @@ You can run a specific integration test by setting the `TESTPATH` variable.
# make test TESTPATH="/checkpoint.bats"

You can run a test in your proxy environment by setting `DOCKER_BUILD_PROXY` and `DOCKER_RUN_PROXY` variables.
You can run a test using your container engine's flags by setting `CONTAINER_ENGINE_BUILD_FLAGS` and `CONTAINER_ENGINE_RUN_FLAGS` variables.

# make test DOCKER_BUILD_PROXY="--build-arg HTTP_PROXY=http://yourproxy/" DOCKER_RUN_PROXY="-e HTTP_PROXY=http://yourproxy/"
# make test CONTAINER_ENGINE_BUILD_FLAGS="--build-arg http_proxy=http://yourproxy/" CONTAINER_ENGINE_RUN_FLAGS="-e http_proxy=http://yourproxy/"

### Dependencies Management

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