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Latest commit dbfae14 May 19, 2017 History
Instead of repeating the conditions, just make the linkage
more clear.  Now the chain is:

1. Bundles REQUIRE a config.json which is a bundle artifact.
2. If that config.json has a root.path entry (as specified in, then add the referenced directory to the set of bundle
   artifacts.  The requirements include "If defined, a
   directory MUST exist at the path declared by the field".
3. Apply the "MUST all be present in a single directory" condition to
   all bundle artifacts.  I don't like that direct-child restriction
   [1], but I'm not touching it in this commit.

So these are the same requirements as before this commit, but with
less redundancy and fewer words.

[1]: #469

Signed-off-by: W. Trevor King <>
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Filesystem Bundle

Container Format

This section defines a format for encoding a container as a filesystem bundle - a set of files organized in a certain way, and containing all the necessary data and metadata for any compliant runtime to perform all standard operations against it. See also MacOS application bundles for a similar use of the term bundle.

The definition of a bundle is only concerned with how a container, and its configuration data, are stored on a local filesystem so that it can be consumed by a compliant runtime.

A Standard Container bundle contains all the information needed to load and run a container. This includes the following artifacts:

  1. config.json: contains configuration data. This REQUIRED file MUST reside in the root of the bundle directory and MUST be named config.json. See config.json for more details.

  2. container's root filesystem: the directory referenced by root.path, if that property is set in config.json.

When supplied, while these artifacts MUST all be present in a single directory on the local filesystem, that directory itself is not part of the bundle. In other words, a tar archive of a bundle will have these artifacts at the root of the archive, not nested within a top-level directory.