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oci-runtime-tool is a collection of tools for working with the OCI runtime specification.

Generating an OCI runtime spec configuration files

oci-runtime-tool generate generates configuration JSON for an OCI bundle. OCI-compatible runtimes like runC expect to read the configuration from config.json.

$ oci-runtime-tool generate --output config.json
$ cat config.json
        "ociVersion": "0.5.0",

Validating an OCI bundle

oci-runtime-tool validate validates an OCI bundle. The error message will be printed if the OCI bundle failed the validation procedure.

$ oci-runtime-tool generate
$ oci-runtime-tool validate
INFO[0000] Bundle validation succeeded.

Testing OCI runtimes

$ make
$ sudo make install
$ sudo ./test_runtime.sh -r runc
validating container process
validating capabilities
validating hostname
validating rlimits
validating sysctls
Runtime runc passed validation