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  1. mirrormaker_topic_rename mirrormaker_topic_rename Public

    A message handler implementation for MirrorMaker to change the target topic name during mirroring.

    Java 41 29

  2. kafka-spark-avro-example kafka-spark-avro-example Public

    Example project to show how to use Kafka from Spark Streaming with the Confluent schema registry

    Java 11 14

  3. knox-cloudera knox-cloudera Public

    This repository contains a Parcel and a CSD to use Apache Knox from within the Cloudera Manager

    Shell 9 9

  4. kafkastreamsdemo kafkastreamsdemo Public

    Kafka Streams Demo code that was used during the Streaming webinar of the OpenCore/SAP webinar series.

    Java 6 4

  5. vagrant-confluent-platform vagrant-confluent-platform Public

    Vagrantfile to start a virtual machine running the confluent platform: zookeeper, kafka, schema registry and confluent control center

    6 4

  6. dsfinvk-java dsfinvk-java Public

    Java library to deal with the DSFinV-K export format

    Java 6 4


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