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Multigroup is designed to be used with Square’s Crossfilter library, a highly performant tool for filtering and sorting across multiple dimensions of a dataset. It works just as you’d use a normal Crossfilter group, but allows you to treat fields that are arrays as a set of groups, rather than a single group.


Multigroup can be loaded via CommonJS (for Node or Browserify), ES6 import, AMD (for Require.js), or as a simple browser global:

// ES6
import Multigroup from "crossfilter-multigroup";
// CommonJS
var Multigroup = require("crossfilter-multigroup");
// Require.js
define(["crossfilter-multigroup"], function(Multigroup) {
  // your code
// Global


You might have some Crossfilter code like the following:

var data = crossfilter([
  {id: 1, tags: ["charity", "money"]},
  {id: 2, tags: ["money", "business", "environment"]}
var tags = data.dimension(function(d) { return d.tags; });
var tagGroups =;

Calling tagGroups.all() would then yield you the following set:

[{key: ["charity", "money"], value: 1},
{key: ["money", "business", "environment"], value: 1}]

Even though what you really wanted was probably:

[{key: "charity", value: 1},
{key: "money", value: 2},
{key: "business", value: 1},
{key: "environment", value: 1}]

Multigroup lets you do that. Instead of, you’d simply do:

var tagGroups = Multigroup(tags, function(d) { return d.tags; });

The rest of the normal group API works as you might expect, reporting results as if groups were formed from each of the items in the dimension value, rather than the dimension value itself.

Note, however, the reduce(), reduceSum(), and reduceCount() don’t currently work. (We’d welcome any help there, of course :)


Copyright (c) 2015 Open Counter Enterprises, Inc. and made freely available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.