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# activate the virtualenv
. ~/envs/coweb_demo_latest/bin/activate
# reinstall coweb to the env
cd ~/src/coweb
git pull origin master
cd servers/python
pip install .
# deploy the cowebx demos to the env
cd ~/src/cowebx/cowebx-apps
python deploy ~/envs/coweb_demo_latest --force
# restore the custom run script
cd ~/envs/coweb_demo_latest/bin
# update cowebConfig in demos
cd ~/envs/coweb_demo_latest/www
for name in dailyscrum/main.js comap/main.js colist/main.js; do
echo $name
sed -e 's/^var cowebConfig.*/var cowebConfig = \{ adminUrl \: "\.\.\/admin", baseUrl \: "\/latest" \};/' < "$name" > "${name}.new"
mv "${name}.new" "$name"
# copy dojo / dijit / dojox into place for dailyscrum app
cp -r ~/src/dojo ~/envs/coweb_demo_latest/www/dailyscrum/
cp -r ~/src/dijit ~/envs/coweb_demo_latest/www/dailyscrum/
cp -r ~/src/dojox ~/envs/coweb_demo_latest/www/dailyscrum/
# deactivate the virtualenv
# restart the demo server process
cd ~
supervisorctl restart coweb_demo_latest
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