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Simplify developer setup using Cometd from Git #73

vinomaster opened this Issue · 7 comments

3 participants

Dan Gisolfi Richard Backhouse Chris Cotter
Dan Gisolfi

We need to simplify our developer setup a bit. Instead of using a bash script to fetch a cometd stable release to get the JS out of it for our JS builds, we can ref a tagged version on github as a submodule and let git pull down the release.

Richard Backhouse

The script currently wraps the cometd javascript with an AMD wrapper. We would still have to do this even if we grab the code from a git submodule.

Richard Backhouse

There is a bug opened to make the cometd javascript AMD compliant

When this is complete we can remove the code wrappering.

Dan Gisolfi

A decision has been made to offer our patch to the CometD team using the conversation in issue

We will remove this issue from our current milestone plan and address it once we have a decision from the CometD team.

Richard Backhouse

I have created a pull request for adding AMD support to cometd


Richard Backhouse

I should add that if/when these changes are available we will have to make a small adoption in "coweb/session/bayeux/cometd.js :

], function(xhr, cometd, AckExtension) {

c.registerExtension('ack', new AckExtension());

org/cometd/AckExtension is now its own separate module

Chris Cotter

With #189, we have upgraded to use cometd 2.5 with AMD support, thus simplifying the maven build process for coweb-javascript. I'll see what else needs to be done to close this issue.

Chris Cotter ccotter referenced this issue from a commit
Chris Cotter ccotter Cleanup of /js and update one last version to 0.8.4-SNAPSHOT
servers/java/coweb-admin/admin-ejb/pom.xml needed a version to be

For #73 and in anticipation of new python enhancements #203, I have
removed js/lib since the JS code now lives in
servers/java/coweb-javascript. Other outdated scripts have been removed
and I did some other general house cleaning.
Chris Cotter

As far as I can tell, is no longer needed (it certainly isn't being used at this time). With the new python enhancements, we can get rid of a lot of the files in /js. I believe we can close this issue.

Chris Cotter ccotter closed this
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