Technology Adoption List

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The OpenCoweb community is interested in how others are using or considering to use the technology associated with this github project.

  • Do you have a project underway that you would like to make the community aware of?
  • Have you been mulling over a possible usage scenario that you wish to brainstorm with other on?
  • Do you have an idea for which you would like to submit to the community?

Please use this page as a mechanism to capture the ideas and activities of the community around OpenCoweb.

git-username project/idea-name entry type: project/idea description/comment
vinomaster IBM Project Blue Spruce Project Telepresence Lite offering that combines Cooperative Web technology with chat capabilities across device platforms.
thegreatmichael Implementation of Brandt & Messeter's User Game Project Researchers at Virginia Tech are exploring whether opencoweb provides the kind of explicit modeling of resource exchange that we like about tuplespaces.
vinomaster COPDGene® Study Project COPD researchers have leveraged OpenCoweb technology to enable real-time interactive analysis of medical study data. For more details on this healthcare industry application of Cooperative Web technology, please watch the Cooperative Web in Action YouTube Video.
fitzgen QuickSlide Idea On 22 July 2011, Nick Fitzgerald participated in Mozilla's World Series of Hack (WSOH) event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Nick used OpenCoweb as an enabling technology to create a quick hack-app that would allow multiple users to create slides and presentations cooperatively.