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# The first few settings are required for all connectors: a name, the connector class to run, and the maximum number of tasks to create:
# The remaining configs are specific to the Venafi source connector. In this example, we connect to
# the VENAFI VEDSDK API on localhost using username "admin" and password "admin". These values should be changed for
# your specific instance.
# Topic to publish VENAFI log data to.
# The default is "VENAFI-LOGS".
# Valid Values: non-empty string and no ISO control characters
# Window of data to pull from log api.
# Valid Values: [2,...,10000]
# The default is 100.
# Poll interval in milliseconds. E.G. Roughly, how often the connector will connect to the VENAFI VEDSDK API.
# The default is 1000 as in once a second.
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