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OpenCV4Android homepage is here: This wiki is for co-developers.

Submitting a bug

Have you done your homework? Let’s check it:

  1. Please check that you use the latest version of OpenCV4Android. Please also check Release_Notes.
  2. Please check the open Android issues on the tracker.
  3. Ask community about your problem. May be your question was already asked?

If you submit a ticket, please provide the correct “Category” name – android. If you could not identify the cause of the error, please provide the following information in your ticket:

  • Version number of Android platform (all 3 components of the version – for example: 4.0.4). If you use custom ROM, name and version, for example cyanogenmod 9;
  • Full device model, for example Nexus 7 3G.
  • Exact CPU model of your device (“adb shell cat /proc/cpuinfo” command);
  • Output of “adb logcat” command. See section bellow how to get it in the right way;
  • Name of a sample if the problem is reproducible for any of the samples included into the binary package. Your own reproducer will be useful too.
  • If you can create a failing JUnit_test, it may greatly help us.

Logcat output

1. Open console (cmd.exe for Windows, Konsole, terminal on Linux and Mac OS X)
2. Clear logcat log by command adb logcat -c
3. Redirect logcat output to file by command adb logcat > [path_to_log]/app_crash.log
4. Run application and reproduce its crash
5. Interrupt log file writing by pressing Ctrl+C in terminal, where logcat was running
6. Attach log to the ticket as text file or in archive.

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