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aruco Fix enum wrapper Mar 1, 2019
bgsegm Deletes misused buffer in BackgroundSubstractorGMG. Jul 18, 2018
cudaarithm [moved from opencv] Move Ptr-related code from to lut.cpp Mar 13, 2019
cudabgsegm [moved from opencv] CUDA/BgSegm: fix the threshold of MOG2.Update tes… Oct 9, 2018
cudafeatures2d Rename unnamed enum to ORB.ScoreType Sep 19, 2018
cudafilters [moved from opencv] Merge pull request opencv/opencv#13695 from flyin… Mar 13, 2019
cudastereo [moved from opencv] cuda::StereoBM - fix hanging and racing issue Feb 18, 2019
cudawarping cuda: move CUDA modules to opencv_contrib Sep 19, 2018
cvv Fixed warnings produced by clang-9.0.0 Jan 30, 2019
datasets Merge pull request #1762 from sturkmen72:patch-2 Sep 10, 2018
dnn_objdetect Merge pull request #1253 from kvmanohar22:GSoC17_dnn_objdetect Jan 29, 2018
dnns_easily_fooled Removed trailing spaces Nov 30, 2015
dpm Cleanup old TBB-related guards Apr 9, 2018
face Fixed warnings produced by clang-9.0.0 Jan 30, 2019
freetype freetype: apply CV_OVERRIDE/CV_FINAL Mar 28, 2018
fuzzy tests: refactor test files Feb 2, 2018
hdf Fixed several incorrect printf format specifiers Sep 20, 2018
hfs hfs: apply CV_OVERRIDE/CV_FINAL Mar 28, 2018
img_hash minor changes Nov 10, 2018
optflow Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Feb 26, 2019
ovis Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Mar 15, 2019
plot plot: apply CV_OVERRIDE/CV_FINAL Mar 28, 2018
quality Updated to use OpenCV ML, removed libsvm. Updated model, tests and do… Mar 16, 2019
reg Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Nov 10, 2018
rgbd Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Feb 5, 2019
saliency Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Aug 29, 2018
sfm Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Feb 26, 2019
stereo Merge pull request #1941 from surgical-vision:quasi-dense-stereo Dec 28, 2018
structured_light Utilize CV_UNUSED macro Sep 7, 2018
superres moved DIS optical flow from opencv_contrib to opencv, moved TVL1 from… Nov 8, 2018
surface_matching Add missing multi-line separator Sep 10, 2018
text Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Jan 10, 2019
tracking Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Dec 13, 2018
videostab Fixed warnings produced by clang-9.0.0 Jan 30, 2019
xfeatures2d xfeatures2d: validate keypoints mask for SURF Nov 9, 2018
xphoto Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4' into merge-3.4 Dec 5, 2018 Merge pull request #1941 from surgical-vision:quasi-dense-stereo Dec 28, 2018

An overview of the opencv_contrib modules

This list gives an overview of all modules available inside the contrib repository. To turn off building one of these module repositories, set the names in bold below to

$ cmake -D OPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH=<opencv_contrib>/modules -D BUILD_opencv_<reponame>=OFF <opencv_source_directory>
  • aruco: ArUco and ChArUco Markers -- Augmented reality ArUco marker and "ChARUco" markers where ArUco markers embedded inside the white areas of the checker board.

  • bgsegm: Background segmentation algorithm combining statistical background image estimation and per-pixel Bayesian segmentation.

  • bioinspired: Biological Vision -- Biologically inspired vision model: minimize noise and luminance variance, transient event segmentation, high dynamic range tone mapping methods.

  • ccalib: Custom Calibration -- Patterns for 3D reconstruction, omnidirectional camera calibration, random pattern calibration and multi-camera calibration.

  • cnn_3dobj: Deep Object Recognition and Pose -- Uses Caffe Deep Neural Net library to build, train and test a CNN model of visual object recognition and pose.

  • cvv: Computer Vision Debugger -- Simple code that you can add to your program that pops up a GUI allowing you to interactively and visually debug computer vision programs.

  • datasets: Datasets Reader -- Code for reading existing computer vision databases and samples of using the readers to train, test and run using that dataset's data.

  • dnn_objdetect: Object Detection using CNNs -- Implements compact CNN Model for object detection. Trained using Caffe but uses opencv_dnn modeule.

  • dnns_easily_fooled: Subvert DNNs -- This code can use the activations in a network to fool the networks into recognizing something else.

  • dpm: Deformable Part Model -- Felzenszwalb's Cascade with deformable parts object recognition code.

  • face: Face Recognition -- Face recognition techniques: Eigen, Fisher and Local Binary Pattern Histograms LBPH methods.

  • fuzzy: Fuzzy Logic in Vision -- Fuzzy logic image transform and inverse; Fuzzy image processing.

  • freetype: Drawing text using freetype and harfbuzz.

  • hdf: Hierarchical Data Storage -- This module contains I/O routines for Hierarchical Data Format: meant to store large amounts of data.

  • line_descriptor: Line Segment Extract and Match -- Methods of extracting, describing and latching line segments using binary descriptors.

  • matlab: Matlab Interface -- OpenCV Matlab Mex wrapper code generator for certain opencv core modules.

  • optflow: Optical Flow -- Algorithms for running and evaluating deepflow, simpleflow, sparsetodenseflow and motion templates (silhouette flow).

  • ovis: OGRE 3D Visualiser -- allows you to render 3D data using the OGRE 3D engine.

  • plot: Plotting -- The plot module allows you to easily plot data in 1D or 2D.

  • reg: Image Registration -- Pixels based image registration for precise alignment. Follows the paper "Image Alignment and Stitching: A Tutorial", by Richard Szeliski.

  • rgbd: RGB-Depth Processing module -- Linemod 3D object recognition; Fast surface normals and 3D plane finding. 3D visual odometry. 3d reconstruction using KinectFusion.

  • saliency: Saliency API -- Where humans would look in a scene. Has routines for static, motion and "objectness" saliency.

  • sfm: Structure from Motion -- This module contains algorithms to perform 3d reconstruction from 2d images. The core of the module is a light version of Libmv.

  • stereo: Stereo Correspondence -- Stereo matching done with different descriptors: Census / CS-Census / MCT / BRIEF / MV and dense stereo correspondence using Quasi Dense Stereo method.

  • structured_light: Structured Light Use -- How to generate and project gray code patterns and use them to find dense depth in a scene.

  • surface_matching: Point Pair Features -- Implements 3d object detection and localization using multimodal point pair features.

  • text: Visual Text Matching -- In a visual scene, detect text, segment words and recognise the text.

  • tracking: Vision Based Object Tracking -- Use and/or evaluate one of 5 different visual object tracking techniques.

  • xfeatures2d: Features2D extra -- Extra 2D Features Framework containing experimental and non-free 2D feature detector/descriptor algorithms. SURF, SIFT, BRIEF, Censure, Freak, LUCID, Daisy, Self-similar.

  • ximgproc: Extended Image Processing -- Structured Forests / Domain Transform Filter / Guided Filter / Adaptive Manifold Filter / Joint Bilateral Filter / Superpixels / Ridge Detection Filter.

  • xobjdetect: Boosted 2D Object Detection -- Uses a Waldboost cascade and local binary patterns computed as integral features for 2D object detection.

  • xphoto: Extra Computational Photography -- Additional photo processing algorithms: Color balance / Denoising / Inpainting.

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