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CIP2016-07-07 Type conversion functions

Author: Mats Rydberg <>


Cypher contains three type conversion functions: toString(), toInt(), and toFloat(). This CIP suggests introducing a more comprehensive rule for specifying the existence of these functions, following a simple toX() pattern, where X is the name of the type. Additionally, this CIP suggests expanding this rule to encompass all scalar types.

1. Motivation

The toInt() function indicates conversion to Int, which is neither a type nor any other known Cypher construct. In many programming languages, int is used as a short form of integer, but we cannot rely on this being known to any Cypher developer. Following Cypher’s guiding principles, explicit is better than implicit, and this CIP argues that toInteger() is a more explicit and better name.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity to create a very simple and consistent rule that all scalar types should come with a type conversion function on the pattern toX() where X is the name of the type. Refer to the type system CIP to learn more about Cypher scalar types. This has the consequence of adding a toBoolean() function to the language, creating a full set of conversion functions.

2. Proposal

In concrete terms, this CIP suggests two things:

  • The function toInt() should be renamed to toInteger().

  • The function toBoolean() should be added to the language.

2.1. Syntax

Apart from adding a new function and changing the name of a function, no syntactical changes are suggested.

2.2. Semantics

2.2.1. toInteger()

The renamed toInteger() function would behave exactly the way toInt() behaves.

2.2.2. toBoolean()

The new toBoolean() function would only accept the two strings 'true' and 'false', with any case variants, as valid inputs, and would return null on any other input, similarly to how toFloat() and toInt() behave at the time of writing.

2.3. Examples

Convert a string to an integer.
RETURN toInteger('1')
Convert a float to an integer.
RETURN toInteger(1.5)
Convert strings to booleans.
UNWIND ['true', 'FALSE', 'foo'] AS s
RETURN toBoolean(s) // yields two booleans and one null
Round-trip a boolean to a string and back.
WITH toString(true) as boolString // lower-cased 'true'
RETURN toBoolean(boolString)

2.4. Interaction with existing features

With the addition of toBoolean(), it is now possible to do a round-trip conversion of booleans to strings (using toString()) and back again.

3. Benefits to this proposal

  • A simple, general rule for type conversion functions for all scalar types.

  • Removes possible confusion where int and integer may be misinterpreted for different things.

  • Addition of a cheap, useful function with functionality that could be expected given the other type conversion functions.