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The Cypher Grammar

This directory contains the Cypher grammar, in xml source format.

Generating artifacts

On the top level of this project, run mvn clean install to generate the necessary JARs.

These four commands may then be used for generating the currently available artifacts, and output them to the directory grammar/generated:

./tools/grammar/src/main/shell/ RailRoadDiagramPages -outputDir=grammar/generated/railroad cypher.xml
./tools/grammar/src/main/shell/ RailRoadDiagrams -DRailRoadDiagrams.inlineNone=true -outputDir=grammar/generated/railroad/raw cypher.xml
./tools/grammar/src/main/shell/ ISO14977 cypher.xml > grammar/generated/cypher.ebnf
./tools/grammar/src/main/shell/ Antlr4 cypher.xml > grammar/generated/Cypher.g4

What the shell script will do is to invoke the main method in the class with the same name as the first argument. If preferred, the main method could be invoked manually from the code (in an IDE or similar).

Legacy grammar

Not all grammar rules of the Cypher language will be standardised in their current form, meaning that they will not be part of openCypher as-is. Therefore, the openCypher grammar will not include some well-known Cypher constructs; these are called 'legacy'. To still enable tool authors or others interested in developing support for Cypher in its full current shape, these legacy rules are still present in the grammar specification. The artifacts that can be generated from the specification will by default ignore all legacy rules, but may optionally be instructed to include them. To use the legacy rules, supply the command --INCLUDE_LEGACY=true to the script, the command line, or set the Java system property directly.

For example, this command will generate the legacy version of the railroad diagram pages:

./tools/grammar/src/main/shell/ RailRoadDiagramPages --INCLUDE_LEGACY=true -outputDir=grammar/generated/railroad cypher.xml