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Python ja Jupyter

Harjoitteita, joilla pääsee alkuun data-analyysin ja ohjelmoinnin parissa.


Building the book

If you'd like to develop on and build the materiaali book, you should:

  • Clone this repository and run
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt (it is recommended you do this within a virtual environment)
  • (Recommended) Remove the existing materiaali/_build/ directory
  • Run jupyter-book build materiaali/

A fully-rendered HTML version of the book will be built in materiaali/_build/html/.

Hosting the book

The html version of the book is hosted on the gh-pages branch of this repo. A GitHub actions workflow has been created that automatically builds and pushes the book to this branch on a push or pull request to main.

If you wish to disable this automation, you may remove the GitHub actions workflow and build the book manually by:

  • Navigating to your local build; and running,
  • ghp-import -n -p -f materiaali/_build/html

This will automatically push your build to the gh-pages branch. More information on this hosting process can be found here.


We welcome and recognize all contributions. You can see a list of current contributors in the contributors tab.


This project is created using the excellent open source Jupyter Book project and the executablebooks/cookiecutter-jupyter-book template.