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Eclipse plugin for OData
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Eclipse plugin for OData

An Eclipse plugin including:

  • An editor based on Papyrus allowing the annotation of UML class diagrams with OData stereotypes.
  • A generator to apply an OData profile to any UML model.


  • Eclipse Modeling tools (it can be found here).
  • Papyrus (check the instructions on how to install it here).


  1. Open Eclipse IDE
  2. Click on Help / Install New Software...
  3. Click on Add... and fill in the form as indicated (the update site is then click on OK.

Add repository

  1. Select OData then click on Next.


  1. Follow the the rest of the steps (license, etc...) and reboot Eclipse.

Using the plugin

Auto-apply the profile

  1. Create a Project or use an existing project in your workspace.
  2. Create or import a UML model (you can use our UML model).
  3. To auto-apply the profile: Right-click on your model and select OData/Auto-apply profile. This will annotate your UML model with OData stereotypes (check the annotated UML model here).

Manually apply the profile using Papyrus

  1. Create a Project or use an existing project in your workspace.
  2. Create a Papyrus model (Check Class Diagram in the wizard).
  3. Once your diagram editor is opened, click on the Properties view (just below the canvas), click on the Profile tab, click on Apply registered profile, then choose the OData profile as shown below.


  1. Check ODataProfile then click on OK.


  1. Use the Profile tab to apply stereotypes on your UML elements (see the example below).


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