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Binary builds

Our main target is having working prebuilt binaries for users to simply download and run, to avoid all the setup below.


Currently Linux builds require Python 3.6 (but 3.7 seems to work fine as well), GNU make and Qt Linguist tools. Following packages should suffice on Ubuntu:

sudo apt install qttools5-dev-tools python3.6 make

Then, to install python dependencies and build the binary use:

make deps dist


Currently Windows builds require Python 3.6 installed system-wide and added to %PATH%.

To install python and cygwin dependencies and build everything use deploy\windows-build.bat batch script.


Currently MacOS builds require Python 3.6, dmgbuild tool (pip3 install dmgbuild) and Qt SDK installed (just the "Qt > 5... > macOS" part in installer) with following added to $PATH:

export PATH="$HOME/Qt/5.11.1/clang_64/bin:/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.6/bin:$PATH"

Then just install dependencies and build everything using:

make deps dmg

Binary build debugging

In case an error occurs in early stages of application startup, user will be presented with a "Failed to execute script luftdaten-tool.exe" message. In order to see actual source of that error, console flag in luftdaten-tool.spec can be switched to True. In Windows this will make application output a proper stack trace to cmd popup.


Both build & runtime requirements are defined in requirements.txt file. In order to install these use the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To manage dynamic UI and translation binaries generation we use a very simple GNU make-based build system.

To simply build everything needed to run run:


To build and run use:

make run

To remove all build artifacts use:

make clean

All requirements are set up using wildcards, so, in theory, Makefile shouldn't need much changes in near future.


In order to rebuild *.ts files use:

make i18n-update
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