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✨ new shiny website built with svelte ❤️ for dust and noise measuring project 👉


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✨ new shiny website for dust and noise measuring project 👉

How to install


Get started

inside the folder install the dependencies...

npm install

...then start Rollup:

npm run dev or sapper dev

Navigate to localhost:3000. You should see your app running. Edit a component file in src, save it, and reload the page to see your changes.

By default, the server will only respond to requests from localhost. To allow connections from other computers, edit the sirv commands in package.json to include the option --host

Getting started with Svelte & Sapper

Website is based on Svelte 3 and Sapper. Please consider reading the documentation.


1. Create locale file

duplicate locales/en.json file and rename it to language by iso-3166-alpha2 coding, for example fr for French. Translate the values in the locale file:

    "nav": {
      "home": "Accueil", <- "Accueil" is the value

Now duplicate content/airrohr/en folder and rename it again to language by iso-3166-alpha2 coding. Also duplicate content/dnms/enfor the DNMS guide. Translate both

assembly guide

It's written in markdown. To get used to the markdown syntax, visit

FYI You can leave the filename. The title will be taken from the beginning of each file, see picture above.

2. Add new language to the init18n.js

Go to src/utils/initI18n.js. Add the new language, in this case it's French. First add the path to the locale file, then add it to the resources.

import fr from '../../locales/fr';  // path to the locale file

function initI18n(lng = 'en') {
    resources: {

Go to src/routes/[lang]/_layout.svelte and extend the array with the new language.

<script context="module">
   const LANGUAGES = ["en", "de", "fr"];  // <- add new lanuage in the array
   const DEFAULT_LANGUAGE = "en";
   export async function preload(page) {...

3. Add language to the navbar

To add the language in the navbar go to src/components/LanguageSwitcher.svelte. Scroll down to around Line 24 and add this line with the corresponding language.

const langauges = [
        "gb", "de", "fr", "it", "sk", "ru" // <- add new lanuage in the array

4. Add endpoints

Duplicate inside src/routes/endpoints/airrohr or src/routes/endpoints/dnms then en folder to the iso-3166-alpha2, e.g. fr. Inside the index.json.js file change line 8.

import send from '@polka/send';
import generate_docs from '../../../../utils/generate_docs.js';

let json;

export function get(req, res) {
   if (!json || process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {
       json = JSON.stringify(generate_docs('airrohr/fr'));  // <- change the lanuage iso-code

   send(res, 200, json, {
       'Content-Type': 'application/json'


Bugs and feedback

The website is in early development, and may have the rough edge here and there.


npm run export or sapper export

copy content of __sapper__/export to a ftp server

Happy coding 🎉 🙌