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firmware master branch: Build Status
firmware beta branch: Build Status

Software for Sensor.Community / Luftdaten.Info Sensor


The maintained main firmware for the Luftdaten.Info Sensor.


A transitional firmware which will look for a firmware file stored on SPIFFS to replace itself with for next reboot or do an endless loop of panic LED blinking if this fails.

This allows to do an Over-the-air (OTA) procedure on setups that have a 1M/3M split layout (rather the more modern 2M/2M) for firmwares larger than 512k (up to ~ 740k).


  • BeginnersGuide Beginners guide to ESP programming with Arduino code
  • airrohr-.... currently used versions (2017-05-23+)
  • airrohr-update-... currently used for OTA (2019-08-30+)
  • apiclients clients for the dusti API and other APIs
  • arduino native arduino code
  • esp8266-lua nodemcu firmware code, lua scripts (not maintained after change to arduino)
  • esp8266-arduino programming esp8266 with arduino code/IDE
  • r-scripts sensor data analysis with R
  • schematics frizzing schematics (not updated, 2016-03-01)


The development is done in the beta branch.