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Data Ecosystems

Ideas and plans for developing new ecosystems of open data.

The idea here is not just to identify useful datasets, but instead types of data that can be:

  1. published on an ongoing, timely basis
  2. useful to the public in a meaningful way, and
  3. mediated, improved, or targeted via a private sector partner, for whom it is in their self-interest to continue to both receive that data and publish that data.

The purpose of including private sector partner is to create powerful, targeted demand for the continued provision of open data. If a federal government agency ceases publishing data that is of modest interest to 10,000 people, they may not come under any serious pressure to start publishing it again. But if they cease publishing data that is of vital interest to the continued survival of a business, that business is going to protest mightily, and organize the 10,000 people who are interested in that data to join them in their protest. In this way we help to assure the continued provision of this data.

Not all of these ideas need to describe ecosystems when proposed, but those that prove nonviable as an ecosystem will be removed at that point.


Ideas and plans for developing new ecosystems of open data. [RETIRED]






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