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Open Hunting and Fishing Data

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Hunting and fishing is a $75 billion/year business in the United States. 33 million people fish regularly, and 14 million people hunt regularly. (It's important to non-hunters, too—state conservation efforts are funded largely by hunting and fishing license fees.) For more details about the value of this data, see the US ODI blog entry announcing the project.

This project is rendering many hunting and fishing regulations as machine-readable data (JSON), in partnership with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. See the issues list to review the work that is now in the planning stage. We're using Virginia's hunting & trapping regulations and freshwater fishing regulations—both the HTML versions and the PDF versions.

This is a collaborative project. Although we're starting with Virginia, we’ll be very pleased to accept ideas or pull requests from folks who want to make sure that their state’s regulatory structure is accounted for. Comments, ideas, concerns, and contributions are welcome from absolutely anybody.


Rendering hunting and fishing regulations as open data. [RETIRED]




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