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Open Data Board Game

The Open Data Board Game is a board game built around the creation of tools using data.

This repo will contain all the things that are needed to create the game. It is a work in progress as we move from prototype to production.

Some elements of the game are difficult to print as presented (namely the data tiles, see below).

Besides these things you will need:

  • cones or counters for 4-5 players, each in a different colour (approximately 15 cones or counters per player)
  • three black counters for the world board

How to create the cards

You will need Ruby installed along with the 'squib' gem.

If you are running this on Ubuntu, you will need to install:

  • ruby
  • ruby-dev
  • ruby-glib

You will also need to install the fonts from the fonts directory in the appropriate place on your OS.

If you have bundle installed you can try

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake

But it might be more sustainable to:

$ gem install squib
$ ruby deck.rb

Look in the _output folder for the generated cards. Note that the repo comes with it now, in case you just want to use the last generated set of cards by us.

How to create the hexagon tiles

There is a set now in the components/DataTiles/hexes folder.

The graphics for the hexagon tiles are in components/DataTiles. These are generated to be printed by Gamecrafter as small hex tiles on Gamecrafter. You should be able to use the templates linked from those pages (eg the proofing overlay) to cut out a template to size the tiles, which you then use to cut out the tiles themselves.


All the pieces and parts needed to create the Open Data Board Game







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