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This is a desktop version of ODK Build. It operates independently from build.opendatakit.org, and is a great option if you have questionable connectivity or don't wish to bother with creating an account.

New features

  • #162: Cascading selects! Check the "cascading" option on any Choose One question to add a cascade onto it, then supply the relevant cascaded option values to create a cascading select.
  • #157: Add support for range type numeric inputs, which present predetermined numeric options to select from.
  • #163: Allow copy+paste from spreadsheets into the bulk options editor.
  • #154: Add several form properties
    • Instance Name lets you set form submission titles from form data.
    • Submission URL allows you to submit forms somewhere other than the source Aggregate.
    • Public Key allows you to use encrypted form submissions.
  • #54: Allow upload to non-HTTPS Aggregates.

Bug fixes

  • #166: Fix property pane UI issues with the Follow-up Question feature.
  • Improve error messaging when Aggregate upload fails at a TCP rather than DNS level.
  • #106: Improve handling and error messaging when a reset password is requested on a nonexistent account.
  • Fixed silent errors when loading a from whilst a field-list group is on-screen.
  • Fixed leftover property pane when loading a form without controls whilst a control is already selected.

Other changes

  • #66: Removed instance destination feature entirely, as it was not used (correctly) and confusing.