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To build the image run the following command (you could also clone the repository and build it locally): docker build --pull -t <orgname>/sync_endpoint

You can modify the aggregate version by specifying your git repositiory url to the REPO build arg and your branch to the REPO_BRANCH build arg. docker build --build-arg REPO='' --build-arg REPO_BRANCH='master' -t <orgname>/sync_endpoint

Development Build

You can use to build from the target directory instead of having Docker pull in the lastest version and building it.

docker build --pull -t odk/sync_endpoint -f .


You must have installed Docker 17.06.1 or newer, and be running in swarm mode.

Windows Containers are not currently supported. To clarify, Linux based containers running on a Windows host should be fine, but Windows based containers are not supported.


Refer to sync-endpoint-default-setup for configuration. docker-compose.yml in that repository contains a working setup of Sync Endpoint, you could use that as a reference for configuration.