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KCSF Visualizer

The import of data and database stuff are done via API:

The frontend and visualization of data are done using GitHub Pages.

What is GitHub Pages?

GitHub Pages is designed to host project pages directly from a GitHub repository.

Steps to run locally:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. From terminal enter in the directory where the project is cloned.
  3. sudo gem install jekyll (if its not installed)
  4. Command to run the app: "jekyll serve"

What should have in mind?

Every branch should be merged with gh-pages branch in order to see the updates on:

Some clarifications with data

Some of the data are imported to database and some of them are saved in database.

Which data are saved statically:

  • Topic:

    Voluntarism and activism

      -Citizen engagement in CSOs, the code is :  5N1
      -Citizen experience with CSOs, the code is :5N3 

    Perceptions on civil society

      -Civil society in Kosovo as a truthful monitor of democratic developments in Kosovo, the code is: 5A7_5
      -Interpersonal trust, the code is: 5N4
      -Perceptions over corruption in CSOs, the code is: 5C15

The data can be found in the following directory:


The source of data and calculations of all the data are done via:

UNDP Pulic Pulse

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