Scraping parliament data for Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.
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ParlData Scraper

Data scraper that scans parliement websites and extracts data on MPs, their memberships, and votes. The scraped data is for the Visegrad+ project and is made accessible from the Visegrad+ parliament API.

Data is scraped for the following countries:

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
    • Lower House
    • Upper House
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine



  • Made to run on a Unix distro. Development was done in Ubuntu.
  • Install cURL. Required to download Python and/or virtualenv (in Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install curl).
  • Install python-dev. Required to compile 3rd party python libraries.


$ sudo mkdir --p /home/projects/scrapers

$ cd /home/projects/scrapers

$ sudo git clone

Get VPAPI client and SSH certificate of the server:

$ sudo wget

$ sudo wget


  • Install the required libraries for running the scraper.

$ bash


The scraper is executed by running the shell script. The script accepts the following parameters.

Parameter Data Type Description
countries Comma Separated String List the countries from which we want to scrape data.
people String Scrape MP data.
votes String Scrape cast votes.
loop String Loop scraper with given interval sleep time (in seconds) or (e.g. 2d - 'd' means days).

To illustrate how the scraper's parameters are used, consider the following examples.

Scrape people and vote data for Armenia and Georgia. Run the scraper script every 3 minutes:

bash --countries armenia,georgia --people yes --votes yes --loop 180

Run scraper every 2 days to retrieve people and votes data from Armenia parliament:

bash --countries armenia --people yes --votes yes --loop 2d

Run scraper every day to retrieve people and votes data from all available parliaments:

bash --countries all --people yes --votes yes --loop 1d

Scrape people and vote data for Belarus Lowerhouse and Upperhouse. Run the scraper script every 3 minutes:

bash --countries belarus-lowerhouse,belarus-upperhouse --people yes --votes yes --loop 180