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import logging
import requests
from rdflib import Graph, URIRef, BNode
from rdflib.namespace import RDF
from udata.rdf import (
DCAT, DCT, HYDRA, SPDX, namespace_manager, guess_format, url_from_rdf
from udata.core.dataset.rdf import dataset_from_rdf
from .base import BaseBackend
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Attributes representing nested classes to be stored in the graph
# in order to have a complete graph
DCAT.distribution: {
SPDX.checksum: {}
DCT.temporal: {},
DCT.spatial: {},
# Fix some misnamed properties
DCAT_NESTING[DCAT.distributions] = DCAT_NESTING[DCAT.distribution]
# Known pagination class and their next page property
(HYDRA.PagedCollection, HYDRA.nextPage)
def extract_graph(source, target, node, specs):
for p, o in source.predicate_objects(node):
target.add((node, p, o))
if p in specs:
extract_graph(source, target, o, specs[p])
class DcatBackend(BaseBackend):
display_name = 'DCAT'
def initialize(self):
'''List all datasets for a given ...'''
fmt = self.get_format()
graph = self.parse_graph(self.source.url, fmt) = {
'graph': graph.serialize(format=fmt, indent=None),
'format': fmt,
def get_format(self):
fmt = guess_format(self.source.url)
# if format can't be guessed from the url
# we fallback on the declared Content-Type
if not fmt:
response = requests.head(self.source.url)
mime_type = response.headers.get('Content-Type', '').split(';', 1)[0]
if not mime_type:
msg = 'Unable to detect format from extension or mime type'
raise ValueError(msg)
fmt = guess_format(mime_type)
if not fmt:
msg = 'Unsupported mime type "{0}"'.format(mime_type)
raise ValueError(msg)
return fmt
def parse_graph(self, url, fmt):
graph = Graph(namespace_manager=namespace_manager)
while url:
subgraph = Graph(namespace_manager=namespace_manager)
subgraph.parse(data=requests.get(url).text, format=fmt)
url = None
for cls, prop in KNOWN_PAGINATION:
if (None, RDF.type, cls) in subgraph:
pagination = subgraph.value(predicate=RDF.type, object=cls)
pagination = subgraph.resource(pagination)
url = url_from_rdf(pagination, prop)
graph += subgraph
for node in graph.subjects(RDF.type, DCAT.Dataset):
id = graph.value(node, DCT.identifier)
kwargs = {'nid': str(node)}
kwargs['type'] = 'uriref' if isinstance(node, URIRef) else 'blank'
self.add_item(id, **kwargs)
return graph
def get_node_from_item(self, item):
if 'nid' in item.kwargs and 'type' in item.kwargs:
nid = item.kwargs['nid']
return URIRef(nid) if item.kwargs['type'] == 'uriref' else BNode(nid)
def process(self, item):
graph = Graph(namespace_manager=namespace_manager)
data =['graph']
format =['format']
node = self.get_node_from_item(item)
graph.parse(data=bytes(data, encoding='utf8'), format=format)
dataset = self.get_dataset(item.remote_id)
dataset = dataset_from_rdf(graph, dataset, node=node)
return dataset