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Data integration tool to cleanse and semantify datasets from CKAN repositories. Based on [OpenRefine](

Project status: Developing - we are testing using reconciliation sevices of DISI, University of Trento. Currently code is kept in a private repository, when project reaches a sufficient level of stability we will merge changes into the public repo. We keep public wiki updated, though, so you can get an idea of how the project will look like. You can also watch a demo video with a run of ODR on a dataset about certified products.

Additions to OpenRefine:

  • a workflow subdivided in steps
  • an interface to import datasets from ckan repositories with Jackan client and also to visualize resources stats taken with Ckanalyze
  • provenance tracking with TraceProv
  • schema guessing with Open Data Schema Matcher and Column Recognizers
  • suggestions on operations to do based on schema
  • enhanced data validation with column types
  • multivalued cells support
  • semantic tagging of natural language text, using SemText datamodel
  • Abstraction of knowledge base via OpenEntity API
  • online help system
  • maven as dependency management system instead of Ant
  • WAR deployable on Tomcat as build output instead of Refine custom old Jetty server
  • interactive debugging support with a recent version of Jetty
  • enhanced event system for plugins
  • possibility for plugins to attach data to columns, cells and rows

Roadmap: see project issues

Documentation: see the wiki



OpenDataRise adds a semantic layer upon the OpenRefine platform, so it owes a great deal of gratitude to OpenRefine authors.

OpenDataRise contributors:
OpenRefine contributors:

Refine was created by Metaweb Technologies, Inc. and originally written and conceived by David Huynh Metaweb Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Google, Inc. in July 2010 and the product was renamed Google Refine. In October 2012, it was renamed OpenRefine as it transitioned to a community-supported product.

This is the full list of Open Refine contributors (in chronological order):


Tool to cleanse and semantify datasets from CKAN repositories. Based on OpenRefine.







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