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The open-source platform for data monitoring and observability.

Datav is forked from @grafana, but changed a lot, e.g :

  • remove angular dependency, using pure react
  • much better alerting features
  • multi spoken languages supported
  • large screen supported
  • different team and acl design,no orgs any more
  • 100% free. Forever and always

Key Features

  • Plugins Performance,Extensible,Beautiful,Configurable
  • Dynamic Dashboards Create dynamic & reusable dashboards with template variables
  • Interactive Panel You can set click events for panels, like: go to a page, set variable etc
  • Beautifult Large Screen Customize your own big data large screen,it's very very cool
  • Alerting Visually define alert rules for your most important metrics
  • Variables Global and Dashboard scope, global vars can help you achieve personalized features such as multiple environments etc
  • Teams and ACL Besides global dashboards, you can create teams, manage and share dashboards in your team
  • Custom sidemenu Link dashboards to sidemenu items, build your own sidemenu and websites.

How to start(developing mode)

Start datav main server

> git clone
> cd datav
> go build
> ./datav generate ##only needed for first time or new plugins been added
> ./datav &

start datav docs server

> cd docs
> yarn
> yarn dev

Access http://localhost:3000/docs-cn/installation to see the results

Start datav ui server

> cd ui
> nvm use    
> yarn install
> yarn start

Open http://localhost:3001, then login with admin/admin


screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

Design Philosophy

Contrary to Grafana's big and all, DataV's design goal is small and beautiful.We support 90% of common usage scenarios.In these scenarios, DataV can ensure that it is simple enough and easy to use. Plug-in development will also be very simple.

  1. The special needs of users are left to themselves to do, don't try to cover all scenarios

e.g Simplify datasources, only provide some most frequently-used metrics/logs/traces store, others willl be supported via standard http ways

  1. Users from grafana MUST NOT pay too much on migration

Query api,import json format, panel plugins, variables these should be compatible with grafana

  1. Keep our codes and core features clean and simple

Code maintaing and re-developing shouldn't be a nightmare.

  1. The needs of the bosses must be taken into account

Our bosses usually have different sights, so datav will take their needs too, e.g big screen dashboard, data report, data association etc