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trispace lamp

trispace v.0.1

trispace is a laser cut maker kit that can be used to create just about anything geometric - sculptures, toys, buildings and prototypes. It is open source and modular.



Please read all instructions carefully before starting to cut anything.

  1. Come up with an idea. You might be attempting to build a particular object, shape, or just cut the set to play and prototype. Check out the shapes section for some inspiration.
  2. Do the math. Try to figure out the amount of struts and hubs needed for your idea. For instance a cube needs only 8 hubs and 12 struts.
  3. Choose material. Read the section about materials, choose the right material for the job, pay attention to tolerances.
  4. Download files. Find the right files in the 'files' folder.
  5. Test the connection. Make sure you test the connection by cutting one hub and one strut (use individual part files) and trying to connect them. It should snap on and off with little effort and move in one axis 180 degrees freely.
  6. Cut the parts. Be environmentally friendly. trispace is designed to do more with less, embrace the idea and cut a minimal amount of parts. You can reuse the same parts in many shapes.
  7. Assemble model. Don't apply force, especially to 3mm plywood. Connections snap best when struts are parallel or perpendicular to the hubs. See Picture below. Freshly cut plywood is best handled with gloves.



  • 3mm laser grade plywood
  • 6mm laser grade plywood
  • 3mm Acrylic - can be used only for the hubs!


Laser cutter

All parts from the designes supplied have been tested on the Epilog - Mini 24 Laser Cutter with the kerf at approximately 0.2mm. If you're using a different type of laser cutter you should test one connection first before cutting multiple parts.

Plywood thickness

3mm marked plywood can vary in thickness from 2.7mm up to 3.2mm. Parts are designed with high precision to snap nicely together and allow for only a bit of discrepancy. If you're cutting 3mm plywood choose the sheets between 2.8mm-3.0mm. If you're cutting 6mm plywood choose between 5.8mm - 6.0mm.


Due to a flexible connection between hub and strut, the trispace kit is incredibly versatile. With just one type of hub and strut you can make the majority of Platonic and Archimedean solids.

All the shapes from the image below (not at the same time of course) are possible from those files laser cut once



!tip: Wikipedia tells you how many struts(Edges) and hubs(Vertices) you need for a particular solid.

The rest of Platonic and Archimedean along with most of the Jonson solids are possible if you start using 4x, 5x, 8x hubs (single hubs are included in the files).

A Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome is included to demonstrate the possibilities with varied strut lengths. Lengths were calculated with the 4V Icosahedron Dome Calculator on this page [] (, or you can use for a more graphical approach. Be sure and read the notes included with the dome files.

coming soon

Theoretically, with greater number of connections on the hub, a Kepler–Poinsot polyhedron would be possible to build with the trispace kit. (planning to test it soon)


There are multiple files created and tested for different materials and scales. Below is the overview of the folder structure. Depending on your idea you might need to combine many individual parts on one sheet or you can use the sheets filled with one part for the quickest cutting path with and the least waste.

├── 3mm_plywood
|  	├── hubs
│   │	├── 3mm_3x_single_hub
│   │	├── 3mm_4x_half_base_single_hub  
│   │	├── 3mm_4x_hub_single
│   │	├── 3mm_5x_hub_single
│   │	├── 3mm_6x_hub_single
│   │	└── 3mm_6x_hubs_300x600_sheet
│   ├── struts
│   │	├── 3mm_strut_single
│   │	└── 3mm_struts_300x600_sheet
│   ├── other parts
│   │	└── lamp_holder_fixings
├── 6mm_plywood/
|  	├── hubs 
│   │	└── 6mm_6x_hubs_300x600_sheet
│   ├── struts
│   │	└── 6mm_struts_300x600_sheet
└── 3mm_acrylic/
│	├── 3mm_5x_hub_single
│	├── 3mm_6x_hub_single
│	└── 3mm_6x_hubs_300x600_sheet
└── complete_models
		└── domes
			└── 4v_48cm_diameter_icosahedron_dome
				├── 3mm_ply_hubs_for_4V_48cm_diameter_icosahedron_dome.pdf
				├── 3mm_ply_struts_for_4V_48cm_diameter_icosahedron_dome.pdf
				├── 4v-icosahedron-dome-(
				└── 4v_48cm_diameter_icosahedron_dome_notes.txt

download all files in zip


This design is offered to make for non-commercial use under the terms of the following license: Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

CC license icon

If you would like to use the design for anything not defined by this license please get in touch via this contact form


trispace is laser cut maker kit that can be used to create just about anything geometric - sculptures, toys, buildings and prototypes.






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