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About Devshop

Version Status Aegir Hosts DevMaster Install & CLI
1.x Stable 3.x D6,D7,D8 DevMaster 1.x Status DevShop 1.x Status

DevShop is a "cloud hosting" system for Drupal. DevShop makes it easy to host, develop, test and update drupal sites. It provides a front-end built in Drupal (Devmaster) and a back-end built with drush, Symfony, and Ansible.

DevShop deploys your sites using git, and allows you to create unlimited environments for each site. DevShop makes it very easy to deploy any branch or tag to each environment

Code is deployed on push to your git repo automatically. Deploy any branch or tag to any environment. Data (the database and files) can be deployed between environments. Run the built-in hooks whenever code or data is deployed, or write your own.

Built on Aegir

DevShop utilizes the main components of the Aegir Hosting System: Hosting and Provision. It does not use Hostmaster, it's own installation profile, Devmaster. It does not use the theme, Eldir. The default devshop theme is called boots and is included in the Devmaster install profile.

DevShop uses many additional contributed modules that Aegir core does not.

Aegir Cooperative Founding Member

OpenDevShop Inc is a founding member of the Aegir Cooperative. Lead DevShop developer Jon Pugh is a core Aegir maintainer.

See for more information.


See the Tour section of the documentation for a quick walkthrough of the DevShop interface.



DevShop is licensed under GPL v2.

This means any forks of this code must be released as open source and also be licensed under the GPL.

Help Improve Documentation

For full documentation on DevShop, visit or see our git repository

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