@jonpugh jonpugh released this Sep 27, 2018 · 16 commits to 1.x since this release

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1.4.0 (September 27, 2018)

  • 70 Commits to DevShop: 1.3.4...1.x

  • 85 Commits to Devmaster: opendevshop/devmaster@7.x-1.34...7.x-1.x

  • Added the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct:

    In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as
    contributors and maintainers pledge to making participation in our project and
    our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body
    size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression,
    level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal
    appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

  • Created a new DevShop Composer Template to make it as easy as possible to get a project running in devshop! See https://github.com/opendevshop/devshop-composer-template for more information.

UI Updates

  • Implemented "Create a Branch" button and made sure "Create a tag" is enabled by default. Add a display of the current git reference to the Git Checkout and Git Tag form. Cleanup ordering, form element titles and descriptions, and allow a ?create=1 URL parameter to the Checkout task to change the UI to specifically target "Creation".
    Create Branches and Tags
  • Replace missing "Last Commit" timestamp.
    Last commit timestamp
  • Fixed bug preventing HTTP Authentication passwords from being saved.
  • Enable LetsEncrypt.org support by default to provide free renewable HTTPS certficates.
  • Enable DevShop Remote Aliases by default.
  • Moved "Git Commit" interface out of devshop and into Hosting Git module.
  • Moved "Aegir Features" module out of devshop and into Hosting Tasks Extra.
  • Moved devshop_process() to provision_process(), bringing another core feature of devshop to Provision/Aegir.
  • Make environment variables available in .hooks.yml files.
  • Change GitHub commit status name to devshop/PROJECT/tests and devshop/PROJECT/deploy. When the same project has the same Git URL, and you are PR driven development with automated testing, all projects were using the commit status name "devshop/tests". Now, the test results from every project is visible because they each get their own commit status.
  • Fix writing project aliases when project is verified.
  • Fixed the Download Modules task to work with composer-based projects! Now runs composer require drupal/* and commits in one shot!
  • Cleaned up the new project page, giving examples of a SSH git URL, mentioning the option to use a full drupal stack or composer, linking to the DevShop Composer Template.
  • Allow editing of platform if the platform has not been verified.
  • Fixed bug in ajax task loading that would load tasks for disabled sites.
  • Fixed awkward display of Project and Environment links on Platform nodes.
  • Moved the "Refresh Branches" button to the top of the Git Branches/Tags list dropdown.
  • Upgrading Hosting Tasks Extras "Features Update & Revert" tasks with:
    • Ability to specify which features to update or revert.
    • Add "Force" option to "revert" task.
    • Migrate all to provision_process().
    • Creating a hosting_tasks_extra.drush.inc file because that is the only place drush_hook_pre_hosting_task() works.
    • Improving the form page: adding a form alter for easy page title renaming for other tasks.

System Updates

  • Hosting modules and Provision upgraded to 3.16. Full release notes
  • Added "aegir-uid" as a command line option (a3cea24) and set the default to 12345.
  • Use PHP7 as the default for local devshop development.
  • Added upgrade tests back.
  • Install all Ansible roles during robo prepare:sourcecode command.
  • Added drush to composer and use devshop-local drush for building local devmaster.
  • Fixing the robo prepare:containers command.
  • Change robofile to use xdebug by default, unless option --disable-xdebug is used.
  • Created a robo up --mode=manual option to allow for instantiating a container without running install.sh.
  • Fixed the special makefile for travis forks.
  • Added CAS, HybridAuth, and Intercom modules to build-devmaster.make to get around drupal.org distribution publishing rules.
  • Fixed documentation block in istall.sh to show the right URL to wget.
  • Bumped geerlingguy.composer to 1.7.1, and geerlingguy.mysql to 2.9.1.
  • Added an alpha version of a script to clone a production site and push the data into a devshop server: https://github.com/opendevshop/devshop/blob/1.x/scripts/devshop-dump-sync.sh
  • Added test coverage for HTTP Basic Authentication settings.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Ansible playbooks.

New Contributors

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jun 7, 2018 · 90 commits to 1.x since this release

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  • Added "Create a Tag" button.
  • Enabled Logo display in the theme settings, so the "Login" & "Forgot Password" page no longer shows a missing image!
  • Added a Footer menu with links to the Hostmaster dashboard, documentation, chat room, issue queue, and devshop.support!
  • Added LetsEncrypt.org support to enable automatic HTTPS certificate generation and renewal. Dehydrated client is added automatically.
  • Added "--email" option to install.sh to allow for automatic notification of your new DevShop via email.
  • Added robo as a dependency of the devshop CLI so we can run bin/robo without needing to install it as a separate CLI.
  • Fixed the bug during "Create Project" wizard that kept redirecting you back to step 1 with no indication why! The big warning messages about host key checking are back!
  • Fixed the bug during Step 4 of the "Create Project" wizard that kept loading the wrong task's status into the page.
  • Updating to Hosting modules version 7.x-3.150.
  • Welcome to our newest contributor, Stephanie Fuda!

@StephanieF StephanieF released this May 21, 2018 · 119 commits to 1.x since this release

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  • 11 commits to DevShop: 1.1.2...1.2.0

  • 31 commits to DevMaster: opendevshop/devmaster@7.x-1.12...7.x-1.20

  • Added "Create a Tag" button.

  • Added LetsEncrypt.org support to enable automatic HTTPS certificate generation and renewal.

  • Added CAS and hybridAuth modules to allow remote authentication.

  • Added Composer Autoloader module..

  • Added Intercom module in preperation for DevShop support release.

  • Added "--email" option to install.sh to allow for automatic notification of your new DevShop via email.

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Apr 26, 2018 · 131 commits to 1.x since this release

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Security Update for Drupal Core. Includes Drupal 7.59.

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Apr 25, 2018 · 135 commits to 1.x since this release

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  • Drupal 7.59: Security release. See https://www.drupal.org/sa-core-2018-004
  • Views 3.20 and Bootstrap 3.20.
  • Use the 'delegated' volume flag in the development docker-compose.yml file for optimal performance on Docker for Mac. See https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-mac/osxfs-caching/ for more information.
  • Renamed 'Tag a Release' to 'Create a tag' to be mote literal.
  • When composer install command mentions PHP version, offer a suggestion for how to fix it.
  • devshop_process() now returns the entire process class allowing implementors access to more information.
  • Better description of "Path to Drupal" field.
  • Adding better Behat feature context error handling. Now will save a file with the page output and give you a link to it.
  • Began to add tests for PR environments.
  • Remove some warnings.