DevShop 1.0.0-beta10

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jul 7, 2016 · 206 commits to 1.x since this release

July 7, 2016

28 commits to Devmaster: opendevshop/devmaster@1.0.0-beta9...1.x

  • Added "composer install" deploy hook! You can now configure composer install to run on deployment. Works with composer.json in the repo root or the drupal root.
  • Improvements & bug fixes to the "DevShop Remotes" module.
  • Added a "Retry" button to an environment that failed a "clone" task.
  • Added "Environment" to the labels for "Environment Dashboard" and "Environment Settings" links.
  • Added a message if the user has a project in the create project wizard.
  • Added all of bootstrap, including fonts to boots theme, allowing fully offline use.
  • Moved the Cancel button in projects creation wizard to the right side of the page.
  • Added icons to the "Next" button, "Add Environment" and "Finish" buttons in the create project wizard.
  • Renamed the "Finish" button to "Create Project & Environments".
  • Update to Drupal 7.50.


DevShop 1.0.0-beta9

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jun 28, 2016 · 208 commits to 1.x since this release

11 commits to DevShop: 1.0.0-beta8...1.0.0-beta9

12 commits to Devmaster: opendevshop/devmaster@1.0.0-beta8...1.0.0-beta9

  • Bumped Drupal to 7.44, Hosting to 3.6, and Views to 3.14.
  • Added '--force' to 'git submodule' updates on deploy.
  • Adding local copies of bootstrap js and css so devshop can work offline.
  • Replaced "\n" with actual new lines in ASCII output.
  • Improved creation wizard by loading all errors into a modal window.
  • Fixed bad drush project alias file creation.
  • Fixed the missing 'Cancel' button on tasks.
  • Added a getEnvironment() method to the project context.
  • Add an argument to devshop_drush_process() to be able to skip logging the output.
  • Verify Project is triggered after environment create to ensure metadata is present.
  • Decided to remove the code that skips running deploy hooks if there are "no changes detected".
  • DevMaster Playbook fixes:
    • Fixed the automatic setting of the aegir public ssh key variable.
    • Adding back SSH key privacy settings, git config, and drush cache clearing.
    • Fixed typos in yml tasks.
    • Fixed a terrible bug that broke installation: Clear Drush Caches!
  • Bumped up default vagrant VM memory to 4GB.


DevShop 1.0.0-beta8

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jun 15, 2016 · 226 commits to 1.x since this release

1 commit to DevShop: 1.0.0-beta7...1.x

29 commit to DevMaster: opendevshop/devmaster@1.0.0-beta7...1.x

  • Fixed script to launch devshop in docker containers for development.
  • Fixed numerous problems with DevShop Testing module preventing fully automated testing.
  • Added an example Behat Drupal tests folder:
  • Fixed bug preventing new tasks from loading into the page. No more reloading the page.
  • Added dynamic timestamps using the timeago plugin so it's always updating timestamps.
  • Fixed a number of UI bugs.
  • Fixed broken Project Delete link.
  • Added "--force" to "git submodule update" command.
  • Added new code to to automatically set the version number in files using sed.
  • We created a commercial!


DevShop 1.0.0-beta7

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jun 14, 2016 · 228 commits to 1.x since this release

  • Hotfix: devshop_testing throws error when trying to enable.
  • Improved docker development and testing scripts.


DevShop 1.0.0-beta6

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jun 13, 2016 · 245 commits to 1.x since this release

June 13 2016

  • Hotfix: Project settings weren't saving properly.


DevShop 1.0.0-beta5

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jun 13, 2016 · 245 commits to 1.x since this release

June 13, 2016

1 commits to DevShop: 1.0.0-beta4...1.0.0-beta5

40 commits to DevMaster: opendevshop/devmaster@1.0.0-beta4...1.0.0-beta5

  • Cleaned up environment widget, consolidating links and hooks output.
  • Major cleanup of environment settings form by putting it into vertical tabs!
  • Minor cleanups of project settings form.
  • Cleanup of the Projects page.
  • Added Aegir Update module! One click drupal core updates. (Experimental)
  • Enable DevShop Testing by default! Everyone should test.
  • Changed "Live Environment" to "Primary Environment".
  • Fixed Bugs in provision-commit.
  • Cleaned up "hosting features" list: making sure optional features aren't marked "Enabled".
  • Fixed links to task logs.
  • Fixed link to Edit Domains.
  • Fixed the matchHeight plugin to make the environment grid even.
  • Allow logos to be added.
  • Cleaned up SSH warnings output when creating a project fails.
  • Fixed bug preventing verification of projects after saving a site.
  • Added better help text on project creation form.
  • Fixed listing tags with ^{} characters in them.
  • Added devshop remotes to hosting features.
  • Made git repo field 1024 characters long, making it compatible with Pantheon.


DevShop 1.0.0-beta4

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Jun 11, 2016 · 247 commits to 1.x since this release

June 11, 2016

14 commits to DevShop: 1.0.0-beta3...1.0.0-beta4

18 commits to DevMaster: opendevshop/devmaster@1.0.0-beta3...1.0.0-beta4

7 commits to DevMaster Ansible Role: opendevshop/ansible-role-devmaster@1.0.2...1.1.0

  • Improvements to server node template.
  • Added "devshop_devmaster_email" as an ansible variable so it can be configured at install time.
  • Upgraded to drush 8.1.2
  • Moved mysql_root_password to "defaults" so it can be overridden.
  • Fixing a bug that broke environment database server selection when multiple database servers exist.
  • Removing the old "allow deploying data from drush aliases" setting from project settings. Now you just have to enable DevShop Remotes.
  • Removing menu settings for project node form.
  • Improved the "Create Sites" step in the project create wizard. Now properly alerts you to a failed git clone, and added a retry button.
  • Improved help text in step 1 of project creation.
  • Removed broken link to files browser.


DevShop 1.0.0-beta3

@jonpugh jonpugh released this May 24, 2016 · 266 commits to 1.x since this release

1.0.0-beta3 (May 24, 2016)

  • Added "DevShop Remotes" module: Easily add remote drush aliases to use as database sources.
  • Locked the devshop installer ansible roles to specific verions.
  • Created a new "Process" service for aegir servers for easier command running.
  • Fixed perpetual javascript reloading on completed tasks. You can now copy and paste out of logs!
  • Many commits in this release came from DevShop Cloud, now known as Aegir Cloud. We've removed the codebase from core devshop until a final release is ready. See more info.


DevShop 1.0.0-beta2

@jonpugh jonpugh released this May 9, 2016 · 277 commits to 1.x since this release

1.0.0-beta2 (May 9, 2016)

Released at DrupalCon New Orleans!

64 Commits to DevShop: release-1.0.0-beta1...1.0.0-beta2
25 Commits to DevMaster: opendevshop/devmaster@release-1.0.0-beta1...1.0.0-beta2

  • Release of official Ansible Galaxy Roles:
  • Added beta of DevShop BitBucket integration, allowing webhooks and pull request environments for BitBucket repos.
  • UI Improvements: Vertical Tabs in project settings!
  • New Contributor: @tommycox. Thanks for cleaning up images in the Documentation!


DevShop 1.0.0-beta1

@jonpugh jonpugh released this Apr 20, 2016 · 348 commits to 1.x since this release

1.0.0-beta1 (April 20, 2016)

104 Commits to DevShop: release-1.0.0-alpha4...1.0.0-beta1
67 Commits to DevMaster: opendevshop/devmaster@release-1.0.0-alpha4...1.0.0-beta1

Ansible Playbooks

New Features

  • Git Submodules! Deploy tasks now run git submodule update --init --recursive, so if you want to keep certain modules in different git repos, devshop now makes that easy.
  • Config Export and Import! DevShop & Aegir now give you a button to press to export your Drupal 8 config to files. When you combine this with the Aegir Commit modules, you can Site Build, Export to disk, and commit to git without ever leaving your browser.
  • Upgrade Drupal! Click the "Upgrade Drupal" button to run "drush pm-update" to get your core and contrib in line.
  • Grouped Drush aliases! Each project now writes it's own drush aliases file, making it much easier to target an environment: 'drush @project.environment uli`

D6 -> D7 Upgrade Fixes

  • Fixed user redirection when running tasks. If fired from project dashboard, user is returned to project dashboard. If fired from environment dashboard, user is returned to environment dashboard.
  • Fixed dynamic task status loading. Just sit back and watch tasks start and stop.
  • Cleaned up styles for tasks widget, especially on the environments dashboard.
  • A few missing links to the new hostmaster URL 'hosting_confirm/1' instead of node/1'
  • Removed old unneeded CSS and JS.
  • Fixed the deploy queue: DevShop can once again continuously update your environments that are tracking git branches without a webhook.