@jonpugh jonpugh released this Sep 26, 2017 · 194 commits to 1.x since this release

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1.0.0-rc3 (September 26 2017)

10 Commits to DevShop 1.0.0-rc1...1.0.0-rc3
12 Commits to Devmaster opendevshop/devmaster@1.0.0-rc2...1.0.0-rc3

  • Removed "Fix Permissions" and "Fix Ownership" from being installed by default. We don't have server config setup yet.
  • Bumped bootstrap theme to latest version.
  • Disable and uninstall distro_update module. No longer supported.
  • Removing Hosting HTTPS, until it moves to drupal.org.
  • Putting all development repos into a YML makefile in build-devmaster-dev.make.yml, removing extra makefile from devmaster repo.
  • Re-organizing makefiles so development makefile can stay separate and we don't have to modify on release.
  • Moving the development repos to a YML based makefile build-devmaster-dev.make.yml!
  • Add robo up --no-dev option to build devmaster from build-devmaster.make. Otherwise, it uses build-devmaster-dev.make.yml. This is so devmaster's travis yml can still work.