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@jonpugh jonpugh released this Mar 15, 2019 · 1 commit to 1.x since this release

6 Commits to DevShop: 1.5.0-rc6...1.x

11 Commits to Devmaster: opendevshop/devmaster@7.x-1.50-rc6...7.x-1.x

3 Commits to opendevshop/aegir-user role: opendevshop/ansible-role-aegir-user@1.5.0-rc6...master

  • When creating a new project, if the user has to change "path to drupal", and platforms already exist, update the platforms to use the new path.
  • Automatically set "known_hosts" for GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, and so we don't have to manually authorize.
  • Bumping Drupal core to 7.64.
  • Update ctools, views, and bootstrap modules.
  • Fixed a bug in the DevShop Support form.
  • Set line-height in terminal output so we don't get gaps.
  • Add a Aegir user GID variable to playbooks.
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