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Jenkins Webhook Proxy

Provides one endpoint accepting webhooks from BitBucket and forwards them to the corresponding Jenkins pipeline (which is determined based on the branch name). If there is no corresponding pipeline yet, it will be created on the fly. Once a branch is deleted or a pull request declined/merged, the corresponding Jenkins pipeline is deleted as well.

Jenkinsfiles, within a project are created when provisioning quickstarters, thru the provision app. The quickstarter boilerplates contain the appropriate skeletons.

One instance of the webhook proxy runs in every project-cd namespace next to the jenkins instance for this project.


Go to "Repository Settings > Webhooks" and click on "Create webhook". Enter Jenkins as Title and the route URL (see following Setup section) as URL. Under "Repository events", select Push. Under "Pull request events", select Merged and Declined. Save your changes and you're done! Any other webhooks already setup to trigger Jenkins are not needed anymore and should be deactivated or deleted.


Run tailor update in ocp-config. This will create BuildConfig and ImageStream in the central cd namespace. Next, you will have to create a DeploymentConfig, Service and Route in the namespace your Jenkins instance runs.


See the Makefile targets.

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