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DEPRECATED: Use bindings from rescript-core instead.


npm (scoped)

rescript-intl helps you with date, number and currency formatting in ReScript. Everything is built on top of Intl which comes built-in with browsers >= IE11 as well as Node.

Get started

npm install @opendevtools/rescript-intl

Add rescript-intl in bsconfig.json

  "dependencies": ["@opendevtools/rescript-intl"]



let today = Intl.DateTime.make(~locale=Some("sv"), ());
// today: string = "2020-03-18"

with custom date

let date = Js.Date.makeWithYMD(~year=2020., ~month=11., ~date=12., ());

let futureDate = Intl.DateTime.make(~date, ~locale=Some("sv"), ());
// futureDate: string = "2020-12-12"

with date as string

let futureDate = Intl.DateTime.makeFromString(~date="2020-11-12", ~locale=Some("sv"), ());
// futureDate: string = "2020-11-12"

and with some options

let today =
// today: string = "onsdag 18 mars 2020 e.Kr".



let krona =
// krona: string = "1 000,00 kr"


let parsedNumber =
  Intl.NumberFormat.Decimal.make(~value=1000., ~locale=Some("sv"), ());
// parsedNumber: string = "1 000,00"


let percent =
  Intl.NumberFormat.Percent.make(~value=0.3456., ~locale=Some("sv"), ());
// percent: string = "34,56 %"


// And based lists (default, #type = #conjunction) in Swedish
let data =
  Intl.ListFormat.make(["Cat", "Tiger", "Lion"], ~locale=Some("sv"), ());
// data: string = "Cat, Tiger och Lion"

// Or based lists
let data =
  Intl.ListFormat.make(["Cat", "Tiger", "Lion"],
  ~options=Options.make(~type_=Some(#disjunction), ()), ());
// data: string = "Cat, Tiger, or Lion"

// Unit based lists
let data =
  Intl.ListFormat.make(["Cat", "Tiger", "Lion"],
  ~options=Options.make(~type_=Some(#unit), ()), ());
// data: string = "Cat, Tiger, Lion"

let data =
  Intl.ListFormat.make(["Cat", "Tiger", "Lion"],
  ~options=Options.make(~type_=Some(#unit), ~style=Some(#narrow), ()), ());
// data: string = "Cat Tiger Lion"

Short, #short, and narrow, #narrow, styles are only available for #unit type. If you pass in any other type than #unit with those styles, the library takes care of it and changes the type to #unit.


Node 13 added full ICU support and there should be no issues with wrong formatting. If you need to run a Node version before 13 it only has support for en-US locale by default. If your code is failing with wrong formatting you'll need to install full locale support using:

npm install -g full-icu

The installer will print out what you need to set the environment variable NODE_ICU_DATA to in order to get full support.