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ODR-DabMux is a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) multiplexer, part of the ODR-mmbTools.


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ODR-DabMux is a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) multiplexer compliant to ETSI EN 300 401. It is the continuation of the work started by the Communications Research Center Canada on CRC-DabMux, and is now pursued in the Opendigitalradio project.

ODR-DabMux is part of the ODR-mmbTools tool set. More information about the ODR-mmbTools is available in the guide, available on the Opendigitalradio mmbTools page.

Features of ODR-DabMux:

  • Standards-compliant DAB multiplexer
  • Configuration file, see doc/example.mux and doc/example.json
  • Timestamping support required for SFN
  • Logging to syslog
  • Monitoring using munin tool
  • Includes a Telnet and ZMQ Remote Control for setting/getting parameters
  • EDI input and output, both over UDP and TCP
  • Support for FarSync TE1 and TE1e cards (G.703)
  • Something that will (with your help?) one day become a nice GUI for configuration, see gui/
  • Experimental STI-D(PI, X)/RTP input intended to be compatible with compliant encoders.
  • ZeroMQ and TCP ETI outputs that can be used with ODR-DabMod
  • ZeroMQ input that can be used with ODR-AudioEnc which supports CURVE authentication

Additional tools:

odr-zmq2edi, a tool that can convert a ZeroMQ ETI stream to an EDI stream.

odr-zmq2farsync, a tool that can drive a FarSync card from a ZeroMQ ETI stream.

The src/ directory contains the source code of ODR-DabMux and the additional tools.

The doc/ directory contains the ODR-DabMux documentation, a few example configuration files, and the munin and xymon scripts for the statistics server.

The lib/ directory contains source code of libraries needed to build ODR-DabMux.


See file for installation instructions.


See the files LICENCE and COPYING

Contributions and Contact

Contributions to this tool are welcome, you can reach users and developers through the ODR-mmbTools group or any other channels mentioned on the ODR website.

There is a list of ideas and thoughts about new possible features and improvements in the file.

Developed by:

Matthias P. Braendli matthias [at] mpb [dot] li

Pascal Charest pascal [dot] charest [at] crc [dot] ca


David Lutton, Yoann Queret, Stefan Pöschel and Maik for bug-fix patches, Wim Nelis for the Xymon monitoring scripts, and many more for feedback and bug reports.