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Mention that DCP_SYNC_FILTER_RESULT_DIRECT is only for a pre-filter.

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@@ -143,9 +143,9 @@ packet should never be larger than the size returned by
The return code of a filter can be either of:
-- `DCP_SYNC_FILTER_RESULT_DIRECT` to bypass the resolver and directly
-send the (possibly modified) packet to the client. Post-filters will
-be bypassed as well.
+- `DCP_SYNC_FILTER_RESULT_DIRECT` (only in a pre-filter) to bypass the
+resolver and directly send the (possibly modified) packet to the client.
+Post-filters will be bypassed as well.
- `DCP_SYNC_FILTER_RESULT_KILL` in order to drop the packet.
- `DCP_SYNC_FILTER_RESULT_ERROR` to drop the packet and indicate that a
non-fatal error occurred.

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