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OpenDNS-config-carbon.mtz Updated API endpoints, added new transforms Jul 17, 2018

A local transform for Maltego which makes use of the Investigate API by OpenDNS


  1. Install Python. This transform was developed and tested with Python 2.7
  2. Install the requests Python library.
  3. Download and install the commercial version of Maltego.


  1. Clone this repository to a local directory (referred to as the 'working directory' in Maltego parlance).
  2. Obtain an OpenDNS Investigate API key.
  3. Place the API key in the file.
  4. Import OpenDNS-config-carbon.mtz as a Maltego configuration file
  5. Set the working directory of each transform (which should be set to /opt/maltego/opendns_transform by default) to the working directory from step 1.
  6. Ensure each transform has the proper Python path.


  • OpenDNS transforms work on Domain, IP, Email, and Hash entities. Before running a transform on an NSrecord entity, change that entity's type to IPv4Address.
  • OpenDNS transforms produce Domain, IPv4Address, NSRecord, Email, Hash, and AS entity types.
  • Some OpenDNS transforms (like domain-to-ips and ip-to-domains) potentially return a large number of entities
    • be patient, the transform has to receive all data from the API before it draws it in Maltego
    • be aware of the maximum number of results (entities/nodes) allowed on your graph (12, 50, 255, 10k)