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OpenDNS Top Domains List

The OpenDNS Top Domains List is the top 10,000 domain names our resolvers all over the globe are receiving queries for, sorted by popularity.

The popularity is defined as the number of unique client IPs having looked up a domain over a 1 hour period. Domain names that we flagged as being used to serve or control malware are removed from the list.

OpenDNS Random Sample List

The OpenDNS Random Sample List is a random sample of 10,000 domain names.

Similar to the OpenDNS Top Domains List, domains that we flagged as suspicious are not present in the list, that can be used as a benign data set.

Both lists are in public domain, and are updated weekly.

They are not meant to replace other public lists in any way. The Top Domains List, in particular, is solely based on DNS queries and doesn’t reflect the popularity of websites.

However, these lists have been useful to train, test and improve our own models, and by sharing them, we hope that other researchers will find them a useful addition as well.


OpenDNS public domain lists of domain names for training/testing classifiers



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