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Web application to demonstrate differential privacy using the OpenDP Core library


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Demo version!

A demo version of DP Creator is available which shows how it integrates with a Dataverse repository. To try it, including uploading your own (non-sensitive) test data to Dataverse, please follow these instructions:

  • DP Creator tutorial instructions
    • Estimated time: 15 to 30 minutes
    • These instructions go through the entire process, beginning with creating a Dataverse account and depositing data there and finishing with using DP Creator to produce a a release of differentially private statistics.
  • Coming soon: Updated demo option where test data may be uploaded directly to DP Creator Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.

DP Creator

License: MIT integration tests python server side tests

DP Creator is a web application which guides users in the creation of differentially private statistics. Using the OpenDP library at its core, DP Creator has been designed to work with data repositories, with initial integration beginning with Dataverse, an open source research data repository.

DP Creator is part of the larger OpenDP Project, a community effort to build trustworthy, open source software tools for analysis of private data.


The application is designed to be deployed using kubernetes and the development environment is available through Docker Compose.

Several screenshots of DP Creator appear below (click for a larger image):

DP Creator home  DP Creator home  DP Creator home  DP Creator home

Contact / Getting Help

If you would like to learn more or want to submit feedback, please reach out! Here are some ways to contact us:


DP Creator is a community effort, and we welcome your contributions to its development! Our current technology stack/development environment includes Vue.js, Python, and Docker. If you'd like to participate, please reach out using the contact information above.