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Updates to several message structures to break the fields on even byt…
…e boundaries.

**Major field updates**
* Note: We are not incrementing protocol version until this specification goes from draft to final and after a change is made to the final version.
1.  General:  
1.1.	Format of Messages documentation changed to show Offset/Len in 1st 2 columns and more clearly display bitfields
1.2.	Clarified that multi-byte IDs shall be expressed in Network Byte Order, and multi-byte numerical values shall be expressed in little endian.
1.3.	Added DRAFT watermark
2.	Basic ID Message: 
2.1.	Shortened Make/Model to 8 bytes and provided a structured format to supply make/model.
2.2.	Added "Flags" byte of which bit 0 represents Weight Multiplier
2.3.	Increased Gross weight from 14 to 16 bits.  This (and moving multiplier to Flag byte) is to divide the message fields along even 8bit boundaries so that it may more easily be parsed/processed.
3.	Location Message: (lots of refactoring to split fields and offsets on even byte boundaries)
3.1.	Move Multipliers (V-Speed, H-Speed into common byte with Status)
3.2.	Increased speed fields from 6 to 8 bits
3.3.	Increased Lat/Lon fields from 26 to 32 bits.  Not only does this provide 10^7 precision, but it also allows for an easy/common 32bit Int processing.
3.4.	Increased MSL and AGL Altitude fields to 16bit and removed multipliers.
3.5.	Added Horizontal/Vertical precision confidence values
3.6.	Removed all references to "heading" fields since this can be derived from the speed vector components.
3.7.	Removed operator location (this is how we made all the space) and moved to a separate dedicated Operator Message.
3.8.	Allocated 4 bytes as reserved
3.9.	Moved enumerated status list to "Enumerated Field Definitions"
4.	Added Operator Message that includes lat, lon, source.
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