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@chrissmith-mcafee chrissmith-mcafee released this 23 Apr 21:05
· 117 commits to master since this release

OpenDXL Python Client Release

Release notes:

  • Python 3 support (Python 3.4+), while retaining the ability to run under Python 2.7
  • Python 2.7.9 is the minimum Python 2.7 version supported (no longer compatible with 2.7.8)
  • MessagePack and Paho-MQTT are no longer embedded as part of the library (added as dependencies)
  • Distributed as a universal wheel package (single package which can be installed on either Python 2.7.9+ or Python 3.4.0+)
  • "String" type fields for incoming DXL Messages will now be decoded to a text/Unicode type string (unicode on Python 2, str on Python 3). For Python 2, these fields had previously been decoded to the byte string str type. The Message.payload field will continue to be decoded to the byte string str type on Python 2 and as bytes on Python 3
  • Distribution zip files will no longer include .egg files
  • Miscellaneous test fixes