Pre-configured environment that supports the development and running of OpenDXL solutions
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OpenDXL Environment


The OpenDXL Environment is a pre-configured environment available as a Docker image that supports the development and running of OpenDXL solutions.

The OpenDXL Environment is based on the Debian operating system and includes standard tools and libraries that are commonly used to develop and run OpenDXL solutions. The environment also includes a web front-end based on Cloud Commander that supports browser-based file management, file editing, and terminal access.

The environment supports:

  • Python (2 and 3)
    • The default python and pip executables are Python 2. The python3 and pip3 executables are Python 3.
  • Java (JDK 1.8)
  • Node.js (Node 6)

The goal of the OpenDXL Environment is to provide a consistent way to develop OpenDXL solutions across platforms and eliminate the need to manually install commonly used tools (git, wget, curl, etc.) and libraries (OpenDXL Python Client, OpenDXL Bootstrap).

The OpenDXL Environment Docker image is available at the following location within Docker Hub:


See the Wiki for installation, configuration, usage instructions, and tutorials for the OpenDXL Environment.

Bugs and Feedback

For bugs, questions and discussions please use the GitHub Issues.


Copyright 2017 McAfee, Inc.

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