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OpenEBS Adopters

This is the list of organizations and users that publicly shared details of how they are using OpenEBS for running their Stateful workloads. Please send PRs to add or remove organizations/users.

Note: There are several other organizations/users that couldn’t publicly share their usage details, but are active in the OpenEBS Community.

The list of organizations that have publicly shared the usage of OpenEBS:

Organization Stateful Workloads Success Story
Agnes Intelligence Apache Kafka, Apache Solr, NFS English
Arista Networks Gerrit (multiple flavors), NPM, Maven, Redis, NFS, Sonarqube, Internal tools English
ByteDance Elasticsearch English
CLEW Medical PostgreSQL, Keycloak, RabbitMQ English
Clouds Sky GmbH Confluent Kafka, Strimzi Kafka, Elasticsearch, Prometheus English
CNCF, The Linux Foundation PostgreSQL, MariaDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, DevStats English
Code Wave Bitwarden, Bookstack, Allegros Ralph, Limesurvey, Grafana, Hackmd/Codimd, Minio, Nextcloud, Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator, Nextcloud, Sonarqube, Sentry, Jupyterhub English
Comcast Prometheus, Alertmanager, Influxdb, Helm Chartmuseum English
CORT Magento, Elasticsearch, MariaDB English
DISID Minio, DataStax, Greenplum, Gridgain, mongoDB, Qlickhouse, PosgtreSQL English
D-Rating MongoDB, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL English
eXact-lab ELK, Prometheus, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Kafka, Grafana, GitLab English
Hamravesh Multiple minio instances, Multiple docker-in-docker instances English
IDNT Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, KubeVirt, Prometheus, YugabyteDB, Couchbase, MySQL English
Jerabi Inc. InfluxDB, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Prometheus, Grafana, AlertManager English
KPN ManageIQ, AWX, Harbor, Selenium Hub based automated UI testing, verdaccio, openshift monitoring (alert manager), openshift monitoring (cassandra) English
KubeSphere KubeSphere, there are some stateful components of KubeSphere including Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, etc. English
Lannister Investments LTD Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL DB, Redis English
Magnite Thanos, Prometheus English
NationTech Elasticsearch, Kibana, Prometheus, Alertmanager, PostgreSQL, Docker registry, Odoo, NextCloud, Grafana, Django, FluentD English
Optoro PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Kafka, Redis, ElasticSearch, Prometheus, Thanos English
Orange Prometheus, Alertmanager, ChartMuseum, Harbor, GitLab, PostgreSQL, Redis, OpenLdap, RabbitMQ, MySQL, MinIO, Metabase, ... English
Plaid Cloud Redis, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL English
Realworks BV Strimzi operator for Apache Kafka, Spilo operator for PostgreSQL English
Renthopper Ruby on Rails with ActiveStorage, Redmine, Docker registry, ownCloud, Mattermost, Bitbucket, Jira and Blynk English
Sharecare, Inc. Prometheus, internal applications English
Stratus5 Redis,Ceryx, MySQL, MariaDB, Wordpress English
SurplusCI Postgres, KubeVirt (qemu), Grafana English
Surveily CVAT, NVIDIA Triton, Keycloak, Bitwarden, Elasticsearch, PostgresDB, Cassandra English
Teknologi Anak Rantau Indonesia MinIO S3 compatible object storage English
TOBG Services Ltd Postgresql, Confluence, Gitlab, Bitcoin Full Node, Bitcoin Lightning Nodes, BTCPay, Cardano Nodes and Pool, Docker Registry, Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix monitoring, ELK English
Verizon Media Jenkins, IDOL license server English
Zeta Associates Elasticsearch, MariaDB, MinIO, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, Kafka, Cassandra English

The list of users that have publicly shared the usage of OpenEBS.

User Stateful Workloads Success Story
Alin Jurj Elasticsearch English
Armel Soro Ghost blog, MariaDB, Argo Workflows, MinIO, Prometheus, Redis, private apps, ... English
Art Win Graylog, Zabbix, Authelia, Guacamole (Elastic, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis) English
Daniel Sand Gitea, Postgres, Concourse... English
Dean Stathos MariaDB, homegrown applications English
jkuzelka GitLab, Prometheus, Grafana, Nexus Repository, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ English
Maartje Eyskens Minio English
Mark V. Concourse CI, Mattermost, Minio, Few game servers, Bunch of micro services English
Mike T. Coder, Mattermost, Minio English
Nick Pappas Wordpress, MariaDB on ARM64 cluster English
proegssilb PostgreSQL, Redis, Factorio (video game server) English
Rytis Ilciukas ownCloud, Jellyfin, PhotoPrism, filebrowser, pyLoad English
Somsubhra Das PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Prometheus English
Steve Fan Agones - Game Servers on K8s English
tardich Postfix Mail Relay, NextCloud, Nexus Repository, Plex English
V. Aretakis Percona, OpenZwave, Traefik, librenms, Multiple MQTT brokers, private applications, Unifi, multiple other stateful applications English