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@kmova kmova released this Apr 15, 2019 · 1 commit to v0.8.x since this release

Getting Started

Prerequisite to install

  • Kubernetes 1.9.7+ is installed
  • Make sure that you run the below installation steps with cluster admin context. The installation will involve creating a new Service Account and assigning to OpenEBS components.
  • Make sure iSCSI Initiator is installed on the Kubernetes nodes.
  • NDM helps in discovering the devices attached to Kubernetes nodes, which can be used to create storage pools. If you like to exclude some of the disks from getting discovered, update the filters on NDM to exclude paths before installing OpenEBS.
  • NDM runs as a privileged pod since it needs to access the device information. Please make the necessary changes to grant access to run in privileged mode. For example, when running in RHEL/CentOS, you may need to set the security context appropriately.

Using kubectl

kubectl apply -f

Using helm stable charts

helm repo update
helm install  --namespace openebs --name openebs stable/openebs

For more details refer to the documentation at:

Change Summary

This is a patch release with limited scope.

Major Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where a newly added cStor Volume Replica may not be successfully registered with the cStor target, if the cStor target tries to connect to Replica before the Replica is completely initialized. (openebs/cstor#214)
  • Fixed an issue with Jiva Volumes where target can mark the Replica as Timed out on IO, even when the Replica might actually be processing the Sync IO. Fixed by increasing the timeout check to be greater than the timeout set on the Sync IO. (openebs/jiva#194)
  • Fixed an issue with Jiva Volumes that would not allow for Replicas to re-connect with the Target, if the initial Registration failed to successfully process the hand-shake request. (openebs/jiva#195)
  • Fixed an issue with Jiva Volumes that would cause Target to restart when a send diagnostic command was received from the client. (openebs/jiva#197). Many thanks to @rgembalik for help with debugging the issue and validating the RC build.
  • Fixed an issue causing PVC to be stuck in pending state, when there were more than one PVCs associated with an Application Pod. (openebs/maya#1045)
  • Fixed an issue causing cStor Volume Replica CRs to be stuck, when the OpenEBS namespace was being deleted. (openebs/maya#955)

New Capabilities

  • Support for new Storage Policies:
    • Pool Tolerations ( Applicable to cStor Pools) (openebs/maya#1007).
      Pool Tolerations policy can be used to allow scheduling of cStor Pool Pods on nodes with taints. The Tolerations can be specified in the cStor SPC as follows, where t1, t2 represent the taints and the conditions as expected by Kubernetes.
        name: cstor-sparse-pool
            - name: Tolerations
              value: |-
                  effect: NoSchedule
                  key: nodeA
                  operator: Equal
                  effect: NoSchedule
                  key: app
                  operator: Equal
                  value: storage

Sample Storage Pool Claims, Storage Class and PVC configurations to make use of new features can be found here: Sample YAMLs

For a more comprehensive list of open issues uncovered through e2e, please refer to open issues.

Additional details and note to upgrade and uninstall are available on Project Tracker Wiki.

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